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Cataract Surgery Financing Options Cataract surgery and standard (single focus) Intraocular Lenses (IOLs) are covered partially by Medicare and most health insurance plans, as these are considered medical necessities. If you choose to upgrade to premium IOLs to correct presbyopia or astigmatism, you will incur some out-of-pocket expenses because premium IOLs are not considered a medical necessity. However, many patients feel this extra cost is worth the expense because of the clear vision they achieve. We offer 0% interest and low interest extended payment options through our financing partners. We can help you fill out and submit your credit request and have an answer in minutes without affecting your credit report in any way. Care Credit Cataract Financing The financing options for vision correction have never been better and can mean the difference between enjoying sharp, clear vision now versus waiting until you’ve saved up the money. Contact us today to learn more about cataract surgery financing in Rapid City.

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