The Cataract Consultation

Cataracts have a way of sneaking up on your vision. If you have been experiencing vision changes, a Cataract Consultation can determine if cataracts are the cause. We provide one of the most comprehensive and comfortable Cataract and Lens Implant Consultations in the region.

What Happens at the Consultation

  1. Your first appointment will take approximately two hours. Both eyes will be dilated for complete exams, retinal evaluations and other diagnostic procedures. Dilation causes sensitivity to light and a temporary inability to see well at close range. You should arrange to have someone who can drive you home.
  2. We evaluate your eyes’ characteristics from overall health to systemic health to the condition of the lens and retina. We check and verify your prescription, the shape and health of your corneas, evaluate the presence and extent of cataracts and determine precisely what vision solutions will be most suited to your eyes and your lifestyle.
  3. Finally, we will recommend the next course of action. If surgery is recommended, we will counsel you on which of the current artificial lens options will be best for meeting your vision expectations.

There is never any pressure to schedule a procedure. We simply want to provide you with the information you need to make your own decision about your vision.

Watch Ray’s Cataract Surgery Experience at Wright Vision Center

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