Celebrate Letter Writing Day!

Posted by administration on December 4, 2013

Did you know that December 7 is Letter Writing Day? It’s a real observance that encourages people to swap their computer keys and texting thumbs for a pen or pencil…and to craft a hand-written note to someone. Sending someone a personal letter shows that you took time out of your busy schedule to share a story or two about your recent activities…or to thank them for a kind gesture…or to ask Santa for that new remote-controlled car!

For some people, writing a letter means getting out their glasses or putting in their contacts to see their words form on the page. Farsighted people have difficulty seeing things up-close, which can make writing, reading and fine detail work just plain impossible without corrective lenses. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability to jot down a note anytime, day or night, without the hassles of glasses or contacts?

LASIK vision correction can make letter-writing a breeze for some patients. The process actually corrects the shape of the cornea in farsighted patients, helping light to focus directly on the retina as opposed to behind it.

LASIK won’t help you craft the great American novel, but it has helped millions of Americans see up-close more clearly. It’s also important to know that even after LASIK, some patients need reading glasses in later life due to the natural stiffening of the eye’s lenses…a naturally-occurring condition called presbyopia.

To find out if your next Letter Writing Day could be celebrated without glasses, contact Wright Vision Center in Rapid City today by calling 605-718-5123 or visiting wrightvisioncenter.com to schedule your free LASIK Consultation. 


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