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Our goal is to educate and support patients in their quest to achieve their best vision possible. We are immensely proud of the employees who comprise our staff and of the quality of the services we provide. By combining advanced diagnostic and surgical technologies with our staff’s vast expertise and outstanding care, we continually deliver an exceptional patient experience. As your vision changes, we’ll help you understand what’s happening and offer options to protect and preserve your eyesight.

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Vision Correction Options

If you’re tired of glasses and contact lenses, your options for vision correction in Rapid City have never been better. Dr. Colin Brown is proud to offer a variety of options that may help you achieve 20/20 vision including LASIK, PRK, EVO ICL™ and Clear Lens Exchange (CLE). He will help you understand the differences and recommend the best treatment for your unique eyes.


Your eyes’ natural lenses are normally crystal clear. As you grow older, proteins begin to build-up in the lens, gradually diminishing your vision. This is a cataract. Most cataracts progress slowly, and many people can live for years with the condition without the need for surgery.

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General Eye Care

Our goal at Wright Vision Center is to provide our patients with the highest quality eye care in a comfortable environment.

Cornea Care

The cornea is the clear, living tissue on the very front part of the eye. Occasionally, either through disease or injury, the corneal tissue is damaged to a point where a corneal transplant procedure is needed to replace the damaged cornea with clear cornea tissue from an eye bank.

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